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ISNT is the originator and co-founder of Oramics, a platform to support women, non-binary and queer people in the electronic music scene. She started playing her first DJ sets in 2005 in Poland, where her DJ and promoter career was developing. Currently she lives in France.
In 2009, she founded Behind The Stage collective, focused on the experimental and industrial side of techno music, which also became a label last year. Since 2014 she has been running a series of podcasts under the same name.

Her productions are a mixture of industrial techno, noise and broken sounds. Isnt is still looking for new sounds, likes to experiment and doesn’t follow trends creating her own style. She is fascinated by classical music as well as synth from the 80s, but her greatest inspiration is TOOL band with their brilliant drummer. Her sets are energetic and surprising.
In recent years, she played in such clubs as Tresor, about: blank, Suicide Circus and Dalston Superstore. She appeared with her live performances at the Tauron Nowa Muzyka, Instytut and Avant Art Festival.

In April 2017 she released her track „Ten Towers” on Unknown Timeline on vinyl and one Year later she released her debut album called “World is full of electric chairs” on Vanity Pill label (UK) on cassette. In 2019, together with the Behind The Stage team, they launched their own DIY label, where her track „Good morning, Dave” has been released. Her music has also featured on compilations from Pointless Geometry and Oramics Total Solidarity.
Recently, she has been working on a remix of NRVS’s track „Disaffection” for the Canadian techno label
OBSKUR, which will be released in December 2019.