Sweetheart. Don´t stop believing.

Fjäder took form in 2011 after years of just loving and living with music. Fjäder has a bit shamanistic point of wiev since the feather is the shamans tools to chase away bad vibrations. With her soul deeply rooted in the underground techno scene as a Dj she now started to explore how far she could go with her own frequencies.

2014 she released her first LP at Dasha Rushs label Fullpanda. A split vinyl with Stephanie Sykes calling upon the female forces of the Moon. Luna Tactus.
Later came the more dubby Vingar on tape at Shaded Explorations that also was released on Richie Hawtins label M_nus in a mix made by Andreas Tilliander/TM404.

This winter her love for drones and ambient took form in the release of Sinnesfrid. A track made with hardware and field recordings showing her contribution to the metaphysical meaning of silence released on french label Lpc, name Salva II.

Fjäder is starting to show her diversity as an artist ranging from hypnotic, deeper Dj sets, hardware techno liveset, mellow ambient and poetic experimental music.

Her bookings lately celebrates her passion for synthesizers.
She balances her beloved Blackbird, Ms 20mini with drum machines and computer programmed software creating a atmosphere with hypnotic beats, mellow strings and electronic birds striving to build that bridge between nature, space and technology.

She is also the creator behind Nordanvind Records that with only one release, Sagas enchanted the world. A beautiful VA including Skymn, Korridor and Nobody Home. Her fellow travellers in space she calls them.